Could be interesting: @jennomics “Biogeography of microbial communities associated with seagrasses”

Postdoc Seminar Series presents:

Jenna Morgan Lang

Eisen lab, Genome Center

Biogeography of microbial communities associated with seagrasses

1022 Life Sciences

12:10 pm on Tuesday 2nd September

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Simons Early Career Investigator in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards (RFA)

Simons Foundation Logo
28 August, 2014 • Announcement from the Simons Foundation
The Simons Foundation is now accepting applications for its Simons Early Career Investigator in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards. The deadline for receiptof letters of intent (LOI) is October 15, 2014, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The purpose of these awards is to launch the careers of outstanding investigators who use quantitative approaches to advance our understanding of marine microbial ecology and evolution. Investigators will focus directly on marine microbes or on fundamental problems that are highly relevant to understanding marine microbial ecosystems. Applicants may currently be working in a related field, but must submit an innovative proposal for research that will advance the understanding of marine microbial ecology or evolution.

Among other eligibility requirements, applicants must have significant training in a quantitative field and have held an independent position (tenure-track or equivalent) for at least three years and no more than eight years.


The Simons Foundation’s mission is to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics and the basic sciences.

You are currently subscribed to receive Simons Foundation updates. If you wish to unsubscribe you may do so here.

160 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10010 •
Having trouble viewing this e-mail? Open it in a web browser.
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UC Davis Genome Center job: #Bioinformatics Core Manager #Genomics

You know you want this job:

The UC Davis Genome Center integrates experimental and computational approaches to address

key problems at the forefront of genomics. The Center is housed in a new research building with state-of-the-art computational and laboratory facilities. The Center comprises 23 research faculty and five technology service cores that serve the whole campus. The faculty and

service cores contribute to an internationally recognized program in genomics research at Davis, building on and enhancing the unique strengths and unmatched breadth of the life sciences on the UC Davis campus.

The Bioinformatics Service Core provides a broad range of services in computational biology and bioinformatics on a recharge basis to diverse research groups on campus. The Core is responsible for providing consulting, software and access to computational resources to address needs in all areas of bioinformatics, including data acquisition and curation, database construction and integration, sequence analysis, molecular structure and network analyses, expression profile analysis and statistics.

The Genome Center invites applications for the position of
Bioinformatics Core Manager. The incumbent will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Bioinformatics Service Core. This includes but is not limited to management of staff and computational
infrastructure and budgetary aspects of the core. The manager will be responsible for ongoing assessment of computational needs, including staff, hardware, software and databases required to perform the multiple types of bioinformatics analyses for cutting- edge genomics research. The manager also will be responsible for recruiting and training staff, assessing the campus-wide needs for bioinformatics services and prioritizing their provision, representation of the Genome Center at scientific conferences and the writing and submission of grant proposals to maintain the core with state-of-the-art resources.

This position requires a Ph.D. or equivalent in a relevant area, such as Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or Computational or Mathematical Biology. Applicants should have experience in the management of a production bioinformatics facility and broad technical knowledge sufficient to supervise technical staff, troubleshoot problems, acquire and maintain hardware, refine bioinformatics approaches, and advise faculty and their research groups. The position will be open until filled. Consideration of applications will begin October 1, 2014. Applicants should apply on line at

Further information about genomics and bioinformatics at UC Davis is available at .

The University of California is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer
Bio Core Manager Advert 8-2014.pdf

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Post doc at #UCDavis USDA on metagenomics to study possible causes of a “mysterious”, rapidly emerging walnut canker disease

Postdoc RA-14-018-HR Browne DCA.pdf

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Job Ad: Macquarie University faculty positions in Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics & More

Got this by email:

Dear Colleagues

Macquarie University is currently advertising several faculty positions in synthetic biology, bioinformatics and microbiology, if you know anyone who would be interested please encourage them to apply. The advertised positions consist of:
– 3 lvl B/C continuing faculty positions (2 in Synthetic Biology and 1 in Bioinformatics)- – 1 lvl B continuing faculty position in Microbiology-

Lvl B/C faculty positions would approximately be the equivalent of Assistant Professor level in the US system, i.e., junior faculty positions

Additionally, we have two Research Fellow positions available as part of the Yeast 2.0 synthetic biology project
( We’re particularly interested in candidates with a background in yeast genetics for these 2 positions.
Please contact me if anyone has any questions.
Yours sincerely,


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A Celebration of Kevin Rice: Plant Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Symposium: 5 September 2014

Received this by email:

Dear Colleagues

On 5 September 2014 a 1-day research symposium will take place on the UC Davis campus.

This symposium celebrates the career and research themes of Dr. Kevin Rice (retiring in 2014 from UC Davis) by highlighting innovative scientific approaches to answer fundamental questions and solve practical problems in conservation biology, restoration ecology, and invasion biology. Speakers represent diverse study systems to explore the evolutionary ecology of natural plant populations, and will present results that will inform future efforts to study adaptation and conserve native communities.

Please join us.

DATE: 5 September 2014


This symposium is free of charge.


Sally Aitken
Spencer Barrett
Nancy Emery
Elizabeth Leger
Richard Mack
John McKay
Kevin Rice
Annie Schmitt
Jason Sexton
Sharon Strauss
Sonia Sultan


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If I were applying for post-docs now, I would consider this one w/ Bassler, Stone and Wingreen

Just got this email:

Dear Jonathan,

We are looking for adventurous postdocs to work on bacterial quorum
sensing and biofilms. Our labs combine genetics, biochemistry,
structure, engineering, microfluidics, chemical, computational, and
theoretical approaches. Postdocs that join the group are welcomed into
a nurturing, collaborative, and vibrant atmosphere in which they can
tackle fundamental questions regarding the principles underlying
collective behaviors. They will learn and exploit strategies from a
variety of scientific disciplines. The interdisciplinary training they
receive with us will provide an excellent foundation for a successful
independent career.

Please send this note to your terrific senior graduate students and
encourage them to apply to us. We have attached information on the
position and how to apply.


Bonnie Bassler, Howard Stone, and Ned Wingreen


Postdoc ad Molecular Biology Princeton req#1400519.pdf

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Antibiotic resistance infocomic

I posted an original “infocomic” about antibiotic resistance over at my group blog – Nothing In Biology Makes Sense! It lays out the basics of why we should all be more than a little worried about over-use of antibiotics!

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A.P. Giannini Foundation 2015 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program

Posting this that I recevied via email:

Dear Dr. Eisen:

The A.P. Giannini Foundation invites physician-scientists and junior researchers with 6-36 months of postdoctoral research experience to apply to the 2015 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program. The Fellowship Program supports innovative research in the basic sciences and applied fields and trains fellows to become established
investigators. The research should advance the translation of biomedical science into treatments, preventions and cures for human diseases.

Since 1951, the A.P. Giannini Foundation has awarded over 750 fellowships to postdoctoral biomedical researchers sponsored by California’s eight accredited medical schools. The Foundation awards new fellowships each year on a competitive, peer-review basis and will fund the fellowship for a maximum of three years based on satisfactory performance.


§ Candidates are eligible to apply if they have conducted
postdoctoral research for no less than 6 months and no greater than 36 months in the laboratory of their sponsor/mentor at the time of this year’s application deadline, November 3, 2014. The starting date of postdoctoral studies should be well documented and easily verifiable. Applicants with tenure-track research positions or faculty
appointments will not be considered.

§ Candidates must be United States citizens or permanent alien residents. They need to hold or complete an MD; MD/PhD; PhD or equivalent degree before they activate the fellowship.

§ Candidates must perform their research training under the sponsorship of an accredited California medical school and the mentorship of a principal investigator at the sponsoring medical school. They must arrange for their training before applying to the 2015 Fellowship Program. The mentor may supervise a maximum of two A.P. Giannini Foundation fellows in any one year.


The current fellowship stipend is $46,000 in Year 1, $48,000 in Year 2 and $50,000 in Year 3. Stipend payments are sent directly to the sponsoring medical school and can be used only for salary support of the fellow. No deductions are allowed for benefits, departmental or institutional overhead. The Foundation will announce the 2015 fellowship stipends by December 15, 2014.

Candidates may be eligible to receive additional salary support from their sponsoring institution but cannot hold another full fellowship or a federally funded career development award. Other income will not preclude favorable consideration; however, candidates must state the source and amount of other income they expect to receive in their application.


Candidates must use the 2015 Application Form to apply to the 2015 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program. The 2015 application form is available at Completed applications for the 2015 Fellowship Program are due no later than Monday, November 3, 2014.

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Job ad: Director of Charles Darwin research Station in Galapagos

Well, this could be an interesting job .. (below is an email I just got forwarded).


We are seeking a new Science Coordinator to oversee and coordinate the scientific program of Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS), and to direct other CDRS functions.

Please find attached the Terms of Reference. The application deadline is September 15th.

This is an exciting opportunity to play a key role in the biggest and oldest scientific institution on the Galapagos Islands.

The applicants can find more information about the Charles Darwin Foundation in our website.

It would be appreciated if you shared this with your colleagues.
Science-Coordinator-CDF 2014.pdf

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