3/14 at #UCDavis: Ruth Zambrana “Investing in Historically URM Scholars: Applying Competent and Responsive Practices in Higher Education”

March 14 ADVANCE Seminar Flyer _Ruth Zambrana.pdf

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2/12 at #UCDavis: Seth Cooper, “Using Video Games to Solve Hard Problems”

if you can attend, you really should …

Using Video Games To Solve Hard Problems
Feb 12th | 4-6pm | Art Annex Rm 107

Seth Cooper is an Assistant Professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University and a member of the Playable Innovative Technologies Lab. His research focuses on using video games to solve difficult scientific problems; he has delivered multiple TED talks on the topic. He is co-creator of the scientific discovery games Foldit and Nanocrafter and early math educational games including Refraction and Treefrog Treasure. He has also researched real-time animation for games, and has previously worked at the Center for Game Science (as Creative Director), Square Enix, Electronic Arts, Pixar Animation Studios and the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory (on BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing).

Rather than solving problems with a purely computational approach, combining humans and computers can provide a means for solving problems neither could solve alone. Video games provide a compelling framework for this approach: they are a natural space for problem solving and can foster the engagement necessary for people to make a contribution. Cooper will describe the challenges of mapping real-world problems onto games and ways to address these challenges. As a primary example, he will discuss Foldit, an online game about biochemistry whose players have contributed to several scientific discoveries through gameplay. He will also discuss other current problem solving game projects on DNA nanotechnology and software verification and future possibilities.

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2/12 at #UCDavis: Rehka Seshadri on Discovery of Novel Symbiosis and Plant Interaction Determinants from the Gen omes of 163 Root Nodule Bacteria”


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Caroline Dean Seminar at #UCDavis 2/4

Caroline Dean

John Innes Center, Norwich, U.K. “Epigenetic switching in seasonal timing”

2:10 – 3:00 PM, Thursday, February 4th

1005 Genome and Biological Sciences Facility

Genome Center seminar Caroline Dean.pdf

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Provost’s Forums Steering Committee | Publicizing Chris Newfield – Monday, Feb. 8th

The Provost’s Forums on the Public University and the Social Good

Monday, February 8thChris Newfield.
Multipurpose Room
Student Community Center
3-5:30 p.m.

Chris Newfield- 2-8-16.pdf

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Vagina Monologues Event 2/5 @ #UCDavis Cancer Center Auditorium

What is Vagina Monologues? http://www.eveensler.org/plays/the-vagina-monologues/

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Evolution 2016 and art

From Laura Vann via Evoldir

Attention artists! The deadline for submission of evolution-themed works
(or proposed-works) for the ‘Evolution 2016 Art Exhibit’ is quickly
approaching (Jan. 18).

The 2016 Evolution conference (the annual meeting of the Society for
the Study of Evolution, the Society of Systematic Biologists, and
the American Society of Naturalists) will be held from June 17-21 in
beautiful Austin, TX. In conjunction with the meeting, the societies
and a local art gallery (Art.Science.Gallery) are co-sponsoring an
evolution-themed art exhibit. The exhibit will provide an opportunity for
meeting attendees and others to showcase their creative talents, increase
the visibility of the meeting and the societies to the local community,
and provide opportunities for public education about evolutionary
biology through the exciting lens of visual arts. The exhibit will run
at the Art.Science.Gallery leading up to, and during, the conference,
and a selection of the works will be on display at the Austin Convention
Center as a pop-up exhibit during the evening of the opening reception
of the meeting.

Art.Science.Gallery has issued an open call seeking submissions for this
exhibition. Works may explore (but are not limited to) the sub-disciplines
within evolutionary biology, notable evolutionary biologists, current
research topics, important discoveries and concepts, and the history of
evolutionary thought. You need not be a member of any of the societies
to submit something for consideration.

Pass the word along and, if you’re at all artistically inclined, consider
submitting something. Additional details can be found on our permanent
meeting website (www.evolutionmeetings.org) under the ‘News’ heading, or
on Art.Science.Gallery’s website (http://artsciencegallery.com/opencall).

The open call closes on Jan. 18.

Your Evolution2016 organizers

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Darwin Day in Sacramento 2/13

Just got this, from NCSE and others …

Dear Sacramento-area friends of NCSE,

I thought that you might like to know that Matthew J. James of Sonoma
State University will be speaking on "Collecting Evolution: The
1905-06 Galápagos Expedition that Vindicated Charles Darwin" at
Sacramento’s Darwin Day, taking place from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. on
February 13 in the John Smith Hall in the La Sierra Community Center,
5325 Engle Road in Carmichael.

James "will entertain and inform us about the 1905-06 scientific
collecting expedition to the Galápagos Islands conducted by the
California Academy of Sciences. His presentation will include the
history of the expedition’s two-masted schooner Academy (ex-Earnest),
built in 1875 for the U.S. Coast Survey." There will also be
refreshments, entertainment, and displays.

Tickets are $10.00 in advance (before February 6, 2016), $15.00 at the
door; tickets for students with ID are $10.00. For further
information, visit:

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Undergraduate Research Opportunity at #UCDavis in Marine Microbial Ecology

From Matthias Hess:

Would you mind to spread the word regarding an Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Marine Microbial Ecology? This is a joint project of Anne Todgham (also Animal Science) and myself that has the objective to enhance our understanding of understand the microbiome associated with marine fishes endemic to Antarctica. I think that this might be of particular interest to students interested in Evolution and Ecology. Candidates can apply at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JMBGLKN.

Thank you for helping to spread the word!!!


Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Marine Ecology & Microbial Ecology – Todgham and Hess Lab – 2015 12 09 Final.pdf

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Today at #UCDavis: Dr. Natasha Raikhel: Chemical Biology and Endomembrane trafficking in Plants

FINAL Reminder

Please post and distribute

Raikhel Flyer FN Nov 2015.pdf

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