The supposed lab head

Scientific Staff (Project Scientists, Post Docs, Research Associates, etc)

PhD Students


Affiliates (people who do some work in the lab) 

  • Megan Krusor, PhD student in Dawn Sumner’s lab at UC Davis
  • Kate Wall, PhD student in Dawn Sumner’s lab at UC Davis

Past members of the lab with information on what they did after leaving the lab.

High School Students

  • Ray Zhou. Summer 2009.  Graduated HS. Afterwards went to Stanford University.
  • Rohit Misra. Summer 2010.
  • Ryan Maples. Summer 2010 participant in the UC Davis Young Scholars Program.
  • Roger Chen. Summer 2010. Afterwards went to Stanford University.
  • Kevin Yang. 2012-2013. Folsom High School. Afterwards went to the University of Chicago.
  • Henna Hundal. 2014. Currently applying to colleges.

Undergraduates, Lab Technicians and Interns

  • Kevin Penn (2003-2005). Worked as a technician in the lab after graduating college. Afterwards went to PhD program at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
  • Holly Huse (2005-2007). Summer Intern while in college and worked as a technician in the lab after graduating college. Afterwards went to PhD program at U. Texas Austin.
  • Sarah Post. Afterwards went to  medical school at U. Pennsylvania
  • Ryan Corces-Zimmerman.  Afterwards went to PhD program at Stanford University.
  • Carolina Bistue. Afterwards went to Masters program at UC Davis in Viticulture and Enology.
  • Clare Xu.  Afterwards became an associate Data Analyst Intern at Percepta Associates.
  • Zachary Bendiks (2011-2013) Now in Microbiology Graduate Program at UC Davis
  • Dakota Bevans (2011-2012) Now a Staff Researcher at CA National Primate Research Center
  • Amanda Diep (2011-2013) Now a Medical scribe at CEP American
  • Jessica Doctor (2011-2012)
  • Jonathon Lo (2011-2013)
  • Akshay Sethi (2012-2013)
  • Andrew Shaver (2012-2013)
  • Lakshmi Bharadwaj (2013) Now a Master’s student at CalPoly in Stem Cell Bio
  • Wan Nurul Naszeerah  (2013). Afterwards became a Master’s student at Yale School of Public Health.
  • Eric Lowe – (2012-2013). Afterwards became a Customer Service Representative at 23 and me.
  • Hoon San Ong (2013-2014).
  • Sabreen Aulakh (2012-2014). Working at UC Davis Medical Center
  • Jennifer Flanagan (2012-2014).  Now a research technician at UCSF.
  • Madison Dunitz (2012-2014).
  • Andrew Stump (2013-2014).  Working at Genentech
  • Muntaha Samad (2014).

Master’s Students

  • Caitlin Haltiner. Masters in 2012. Afterwards went to medical school at USUHS.
  • Sean Geer.  Masters in 2008. Afterwards joined PhD program in Sociology at UC Davis

PhD Students

Post docs and other post-PHD folks, with positions after they left the lab

  • James Sakwa. Afterwards went to work at the South Africa Genome Center.
  • Chris Desjardins. Afterwards became Staff Scientist, the Broad Institute.
  • Jonathan Badger.  Afterwards became Assistant Professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute.
  • Martin Wu. Afterwards became Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia.
  • Sourav Chatterji. Afterwards became Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Morgan Langille. Afterwards became Assistant Professor at Dalhausie University
  • Thomas Sharpton.  Afterwards became Assistant Professor at Oregon State (was mostly a post doc in Katie Pollard’s lab at UCSF but was semi-jointly supervised by me).
  • Aaron Darling.  Afterwards became Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney
  • Holly Bik.  Afterwards become Birmingham Fellow / Faculty at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Bioinformatics staff and software engineers

  • Marcel Huntemann (2006-2007). Afterwards became a software engineer at the DOE-JGI.
  • Andrew Tritt. Afterwards became a software engineer at the DOE-JGI.


  • J. Matthew Haggerty - visiting PhD student in 2013, currently at San Diego State
  • Alex Yu – visiting Professor
  • Lea Benedicte Skov Hansen – visiting post doc
  • Sima Tokajian – visiting Professor in 2013
  • Kathryn Teague (2013) – visiting undergrad from The University of the Pacific, Geology